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strictly vinyl podcast 003: OCH

OCH: One of my earliest music memories is buying 7” vinyl in the now defunct UK chain Woolworths with my pocket money aged 7. I don’t know how many seven year olds buy wax (or music for that matter today) but back then it wasn’t uncommon. Since then I’ve worked in record shops, label management, dabbled in distribution and learnt how to make and cut records myself. I am fascinated with the advancement of DJ technology but I know I’ll collect records for the rest of my life - I find the softer tones sooth my ears, love the artwork, reading the mastering credits and if that’s not enough yes I like the smell of the individual records themselves. One of my first loves was electro so this mix highlights some really cool lesser known works from the nineties up until almost present day. Enjoy.

release date: 2013-03-25
length: 00:58:29

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