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strictly vinyl podcast 018: Liviu Groza

Liviu Groza: Of course I love vinyl first of all because of the sound... you can say what you want, but this medium - all other things being equal - does sound warmer and crispier than digital files. But there is more to it. Musically, I grew up with vinyl, so I am very attached to the culture that goes with it: digging in the record store, finding a beautiful object, bringing it back home to your collection, talking about the music with your friends while passing around the object. All this gives a precious side to the music, as these objects become part of your life. There is also a little fetishist side to my love for vinyl. When I dj, I love picking up a record from my crate, taking it out of the sleeve, spinning it on the technics: you get a really direct contact to the music you play like that, which I cannot really find with other media.

release date: 2014-11-24
length: 01:04:43

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