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strictly vinyl podcast 001: nAX_acid

nAX_acid: The mix has been done with exclusive vinyl from my collection, old and new tunes to create a journey with dark industrial imprint, to submerge into a deep hypnotic atmosphere. It’s been made with 2 turntables Technics Mk2 and an Allen & Heath Xone 42 Mixer. My love for vinyl started I think when I was a child with my father's vinyls. I always loved to play with them. I think one of the main factors of my fascination is the warmness of the sound, completely reproduced by electricity. Then just the simple gesture of choosing a record, searching in the piles, removing it from the sleeve, cleaning it and then placing it on the turntable, the sound of the needle that touches it and the crackles you ear before the track starts. Every vinyl you buy has a meaning, has a kind of history, it’s a piece of life, of your personality and growth. It’s a romantic facination, a real love.

release date: 2013-01-28
length: 01:42:47

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