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strictly vinyl podcast 008: Miro

Miro: records. something you can touch, you can smell and see… you feel the music straight after you take the record into your hands. there is no other music format you can get the feelings as you can get from vinyl record. and the sound…I play records for more than eighteen years. first time felt the touch when I was sixteen years old kid and it was just few years after communism fall apart in my country. there were five pairs of technics turntables in whole country. I met the guy who had one of them. hope you can imagine my feelings that time. before I saw technics decks only on MTV. and the magical journey has begun… this mix is a electronic part of my musical personality. as a records collector I have no musical barriers. as I love to play classical music, jazz and obscure music you finding in deep corners of music world, same love i feel while i play dance music. emotions you create by mixing records together… I am wordless very often. as I like to say - stop talking and do something. one take recording. mixed-unmixed. listen, feel and dance. with LOVE

release date: 2013-08-26
length: 01:56:56

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