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strictly vinyl podcast 007: David Hausdorf

David Hausdorf: Ever since I have loved Techno, I have loved vinyl as well. In my opinion they are inseparable and vinyl is what gives life to Techno. You can touch vinyl, you can hold it in your hands, you can even see the music that is pressed on it: Where does the bassdrum stop, where does the hi-hat come in? We are living in a digital world, storing Gigabytes and Terrabytes of data on our computers, music as well, and these data become something exchangeable, virtual, and with ever decreasing value. I am not exaggerating when I say that I have a personal relationship to every single record that I bought. I love it, I take care of it, and I get excited when I take it out of its sleeve to play it. Vinyl definitely has its own sound, its own character and nothing can compare to it. It is boring to see DJs playing mp3s at Techno Clubs - and when they play vinyl my heart still beats as fast as it did back in the 90s, when I experienced my first ever Techno party at Berlin's Tresor.

release date: 2013-07-29
length: 01:09:20

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