SVP006 - Hironori Takahashi
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strictly vinyl podcast 006: Hironori Takahashi

Hironori Takahashi: I based my mix on my recent "Blending Mode EP" in terms of concept: while mixing, I selected tracks immediately from my vinyl collection, just selecting mode to express and blend my sense. this mix is a story. vinyl is a culture. it was yearning when i was young, and it is a very important expressive style for me. years after I made a record, someone may buy my vinyl somewhere. he will listen, use it to mix, and watch the art work. it's my pleasure to create the sound for the record. and vinyl makes sounds, too. beautiful, expressive, or maybe noisy. I like the vinyl and audio instruments feature that make noise. I blended all types of sounds :-)

release date: 2013-06-24
length: 01:18:12

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